In a recent video (available at, the co-founder and CEO of AI Systems, Inc., Stephen Johnston, described his company’s one-of-a-kind product as essentially a business planning platform that allows a commercial airline to build a complete business plan very quickly. It’s called the jetEngine™ Business Planning Suite (BPS), a hosted solution that involves no IT footprint at the airline and requires very little information from the airline to get them up and running, producing tangible benefits very quickly.

He explained how the current airline business planning environment, which hasn’t changed much in 20 years, has had a major negative impact on the profitability of airlines, involving a lengthy segmented process that occurs in multiple isolated silos over many weeks and months. The result tends to be very rigid business plans that cannot adapt to change or opportunity.

The jetEngine™ BPS system, on the other hand, gives the user a 360 degree view of the entire business during the planning process, allowing airlines to add 3%-5% of revenue to the bottom line, amounting to billions of dollars across the entire airline industry. The company is developing specific applications that run on the platform, with each app representing a concentrated management consulting case study. One example is the ability to model changes in the price of fuel, and the resultant business moves needed to preserve and maximize the bottom line.

The jetEngine™ BPS system can be used by anyone in a planning capacity, but is especially designed for use by CEOs, CFOs, or people working closely with them who have the broadest vision for the airline’s business plan.

The company was started 5 years ago by Stephen Johnston and his partner, Roy Miller, who has been designing advanced scheduling systems for over 30 years. The two decided to tackle the airline problem feeling that it’s an area where they could make the most difference, and they now have the tool to do it. After years in development, the product is now ready, and all airlines are being invited to take a look at the simplicity and power of this new system.

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