Bollywood star Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's Cannes 2012 appearance reignited spirited online debate about her physical appearance on the heels of controversy over her post-pregnancy weight gain.

Rai Bachchan, 38, appeared at the prestigious French film festival for the 10th year late last week, rocking loosely-fitted but stylish clothing. When asked about her post-pregnancy weight gain controversy, the actress seemed unfazed.

An actor is in the public eye, there will be opinions. I'm very thankful to everyone out there who gives me so much love and so much positivity that the negativity doesn't come in here, it just doesn't touch me at all, she told the Associated Press.

She also said she doesn't plan to go on any strict diets, as it's important to be healthy.

The public debate about her body, nevertheless, continued.

An ABC News blog headline declared that Rai Bachchan's Cannes 2012 appearance defied too fat criticism, but acknowledged that she may not look exactly like she did in 1994.

An India Today article said she managed to silence critics and looked a tad slimmer than before.

The online public continues to hold diverging opinions about her.

On a Daily Mail article, one commenter said she looks beautiful. Another, however, said: Are you all blind? She's the size of a house!

Rai Bachchan's weight controversy first erupted when the so-called too fat photos of her surfaced a few months after she gave birth to her daughter last November.