In the Dwyane Wade’s “who’s the mama” case, people know his youngest son isn’t from wife-to-be Gabrielle Union. Aja Metoyer is rumored to be the mother of Xavier Wade, who was born in November, and her rumored motherhood to the baby boy has inspired Twitter imposters to attack Union.

Though Wade said he slept with the unidentified woman while he and Union were taking a break from each other, many believe he actually cheated on Union and is just using the break as a cover-up. To make matters worse, a Twitter account claiming to be Metoyer's emerged and tweeted nasty things about Wade’s fiancé. The truth has since been revealed; with the Twitter user revealed Metoyer was not responsible for the insulting 140-character messages.

All the tweets have since been deleted, but screen shots of the posts still live on The only lasting message reads: ”…Get Your Facts Straight, Or Shut Up B**ch…” – Queen @LilKim.”

“If it was about the money, I would have got [sic] pregnant when we first started dating 9 years ago. oh,” the imposter wrote in a now deleted tweet. The hoaxer said she was in a relationship with Wade for nine years and didn’t plan the pregnancy to bring herself financial security.

She addressed the issue of money in another tweet: “My kids already think I’m ‘Supermom.’ Didn’t do it for the money, I have 2 degrees from NYU, any questions?”

Even though the mystery tweeter began to delete tweets and still continued to diss Wade and even Union, the user did reveal the account didn’t have anything to do with the real Metoyer. “The @AjaMetoyer account does not belong to Aja Metoyer or isn’t in any way connected to cheater Dwyane Wade or homewrecker Gabrielle Union.”

The Twitter account claiming to be Metoyer isn’t the only thing circulating the Web posted that in February a “groupie” wrote a letter to Media Take Out stating that Wade was cheating on Union with her.

“Ohh yea, hi Ms. Union. Good too see you stuck around and have a few more pieces of clothing inside of his house [sic]. The kitchen looks great by the way,” part of the letter read. “I love the new counter tops. I would also like to thank Rich, the chef for his amazing breakfast. His cookies are the best.”

"And last but not least I’d like to thank Dwayne for always making me feel comfortable on your side of the bed,” the letter added. “Hiding pictures in your drawer. You know the night stand next to your side of the bed, the one with the two drawers. Think the picture is the one with you and Sanaa Lathan in it.”