Today, AJENE WATSON, LLC announced that it expects the current year to further position the company as a formidable player within the financial services industry. Although the firm hasn't let too many details out, those close to the company have indicated that its focus may be on the endeavors of True Lending Platforms, a subsidiary of the company.

“The success of 2008 was very surprising,” said Ajene Watson, founder of AJENE WATSON, LLC and developer of the corporate and executive stock loan program True Loan. “Given that I had to deal with one of my greatest personal losses, the usual difficulties of forming a brand new company and the overall chaos of the global markets, we did extremely well all things considered.”

AJENE WATSON, LLC will be paying close attention to its internet client, eDOORWAYS Corp. (PINKSHEETS: EDWY) (, as the launch of the company’s brand is imminent during the next five months. The firm is also considering to take a more prominent role in one of its investments, SoNu Beverages ( — which in less than a year since its official launch has generated nearly $1 million in revenue from its vitamin enhanced, organic kosher clear flavored water.

According to the press release, many public and private companies have requesting the “hands on” style approach to business development and funding services AJENE WATSON, LLC offers. Watson however said the firm will not generally take on more than two or three new companies per year; meaning, most prospective clients currently vying for the group’s attention will most likely have to return next year.

“We live and die with our clients, so we choose wisely,” commented Watson. “Over the years I’ve watched financial groups milk companies with promises of grandeur, but at the end of the day, the company was back on the street a year later still seeking capital. They receive no further support from their original suitor and often times are in worse shape than the year prior.”

The company’s management style has so far produced moderate but very quantifiable success. Yet, by Watson’s own admission, the greatest proof of the firm’s services is revealed in the long term. This of course is less attractive for those corporations who are seeking long term results forced into a short period of time. Nonetheless, opportunities for this division are plentiful and may very well result in the AJENE WATSON, LLC inking several million dollar deals this year.

With the combination of several impending launches and prospective new business, 2009 seems to promise AJENE WATSON, LLC greater visibility and increased revenues.