As if Jack Blankenship wasn't legendary enough, now he's getting into politics.

You may not know Blankenship by name, but you'll recognize his face. He's the Alabama Face Guy, and has been billed as such during appearances on The Today Show and Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

In case you missed it, Blankenship got famous for his trademark contorted facial expression: flared nostrils, an exaggerated frown, raised eyebrows and bugged-out eyes. He took it to the next level by taking a photo of the face, turning it into a sign (larger than life by many magnitudes), and holding it up at sporting events to distract the opposing team.

On Valentine's Day this year, he tweeted a photo of himself holding up the face-sign in the bleachers at a University of Alabama sporting event. The photo got onto a news site and was subsequently picked up by Reddit and posted onto Tumblr. He was also caught on film waving the sign, and was briefly discussed by ESPN announcers.

It's the classic digital age Cinderella story: silly stunt gets noticed, average citizen gets famous, and it's typically all over before the clock strikes midnight.

But Blankenship is making it last by using his momentary fame for political gain. He's going after the presidency of the University of Alabama, and a new campaign video shows him discussing policies with fellow students.

It's a long-shot candidacy, but the video voiceover offers some really convincing arguments. The Chick-Fil-A in Lloyd [Hall] needs spicy chicken sandwiches. Those things are great, says Blankenship.

And there are ambitious promises. Dreams will now come true here at the Capstone, as I will be placing wishing wells all throughout campus.

And best of all? Nickelback will no longer be played on [college radio station] 90.7. No one needs that.

Also featured in the video is the famous expression, attempted with varying levels of success by University of Alabama students. Apparently, Blankenship's base of support is strong. Judy Bonner, who currently serves as interim president of the university, may very well be relieved of that onerous duty any day now.

Blankenship has even impressed an audience far beyond his electorate; YouTube users all over the country are responding to his now-viral video.

SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! posted one viewer.

Got my vote, said another.

And one commenter offered a pertinent warning: He's gonna get mad wrinkles.