The Alabama-LSU BCS Championship game at halftime has been a low-scoring affair at just 9-0, much as everyone predicted, but the signs are foreboding for the Tigers.

The score when the two teams met in the much-hyped Game of the Century on Nov. 5 was a paltry 9-6, meaning that Les Miles needs to get his team into shape by the time the teams retake the field to score a touchdown right away.

Alabama will come back from the half with the ball, meaning Lousiana State University is even more on the hook to put some points on the board. The Crimson Tide have been in control, and they seemed to have the ball for the entirety of the first half.

If it weren't for a miraculous field goal block in the second quarter, the Tigers would be down 12-0 in a touchdownless game that has still seen Jordan Jefferson's offense crippled and unable to get to the red zone.

Running back Trent Richardson has not been given the ball much in the red zone for Bama, which helps to explain why the score is still so close, but that likely won't last through the second half, meaning the LSU defense needs to step it up as well.

Miles was chosen as the recipient the Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year Award earlier Monday, which suggests that the pressure is on for him to win this game, though his team already won what was described as the de facto national championship when the teams first met in November.

If LSU can pull it off with a win tonight over Alabama, they will definitely be the unanimous choice for national champions. If not, there will be an odd draw situation, in which two SEC teams have both beaten each other once in each other's hometowns (or at least states).

There are of course two more quarters left to go. Let's play ball!