Is Alaska home to its own version of the Loss Ness Monster?

Grainy, somewhat blurry (definitely not HD t.v.-quality) 2009 footage of a creature filmed by local fisherman will be aired on Hillstranded a new Discovery Channel special, on Tuesday July 26 at 10 pm EDT/PDT.

The creature is estimated at 20-feet to 30-feet in length. Crpytozoologists believe the creature is a Cadborosaurus, reported Wednesday.

Cadborosaurus willsi is an alleged sea serpent from the North Pacific and possibly from other regions. Accounts generally describe it as having a long neck, a horse-like head, large eyes, and back bumps that stick out of the water.

At least one science official is impressed by the Alaksa fisherman footage

I am quite impressed with the video, Paul LeBlond, former head of the Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences at the University of British Columbia, told Discovery News, reported. Although it was shot under rainy circumstances in a bouncy ship, it's very genuine.

Sightings of Cadborosaurus go back generations. In 1937, a supposed body of the animal was found in the stomach of a whale captured by the Naden Harbour whaling station in the Queen Charlotte Islands, a British Columbia archipelago. A curator later concluded that samples brought to him belonged to a fetal baleen whale, reported.