Since the end of the Balkan war and independence in the early 90's the Balkans have started to open up to tourism.  Thus far, it has mostly been back packers and intrepid travellers who have made their way through this fabulous country. 

Albania has had a bad reputation internationally and has been plagued by social and political problems.  Currently the country is undergoing a massive internal change, huge amounts of investment have been poured into the infrastructure, the government is working with overseas advisors to implement change and there is a definite desire to be on a par with their neighbours such as Greece, Croatia and Italy.

The FT and The Lonely Planet Guide have listed this country as the top European destination for 2011 and there are many reasons why they are spot on in their estimations.  Greece and Italy have been loved by tourists for decades and there is every chance that Albania will achieve the same accolades once it has had a chance to shine and show the rest of the world what a fabulous destination it is. 

So what is it about Albania that has made Lonely Planet put this nation at the top of the list?  Could it be the enormous potential for tourism that is about to erupt?  This nation encapsulates an ancient history, beautiful landscape, a rich anthropology, traditions and culture.  The Albanians are famous for their warmth and hospitality and the country has a vibrant, young society which should be a recipe for success.