Albania has asked China to invest in the country's ongoing projects and also sought to strengthen its relations with Beijing.

Prime Minister Berisha underlined that the Albanian government is determined to develop better and friendlier relations with China, stated Prime Minister’s office, according to a Xinhua report.

China and Albania have witnessed a strong process of bilateral ties in the past few years. China has helped build Albania's economy from the 1960's until the 1980's, the prime minister said.

He wants Chinese business to expand its investment invest in Albania, citing rich mineral deposits, hydro-power, and tourism resources and an improved investment environment.

With the reforms in the government and speeded up business registration procedures, investment has become easy in Albania, it said.

The prime minister said, The agency I manage will not only serve as a bridge of friendship between the two countries, but will also present the big economic developments of Albania and the favorable investment climate in order to stimulate the interest of Chinese businesses to expand their activity in Albania and enhance cooperation at all levels.”

Albania has neighboring Greece and Italy as its main trading nations so far.