Albert Flowers, a 66-year-old man from Melbourne, Fla., was captured on tape being viciously beaten by a police officer identified as Derek Middendorf.

The officer kicked Flowers in his stomach, jumped on top of him, landed multiple blows to his head and choked him. A second police officer then tased him in the face.

During this incident, the initial police officer actually turned off the video and audio recording of his vehicle. The police department, however, was able to extract a video (but without audio) of the incident from the hard drive of the recording equipment.

The video was obtained by WFTV, which published it on Jan. 13. Since then, it was been widely circulated on the Internet.

For this incident, the only disciplinary record the officer received was a written reprimand for turning off the recording equipment, reported WFTV.

Flowers, meanwhile, was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer.

His nephew Garrick Flowers claims the 66-year-old man has dementia and underwent a triple bypass surgery. He also said he warned the police officer that his uncle had dementia.

The police officer, on his part, claimed Flowers walked aggressively towards him and could not tell if Flowers had a knife.

The police officer was responding to a 911 call that alleged that Flowers pulled a knife on one of his employees.

Flowers' attorney told that he suffered a brain injury and is now unable to work anymore, afraid to go outside and even afraid to go home because the incident happened near his home. Flowers allegedly cannot be left alone and now requires constant care.

He was hospitalized for almost a month after the beating, according to his family, reported WFTV.