A burglary suspect in Florida fell right into the laps of police investigating a pharmacy break-in – literally.

The Melbourne Police Department said Alex David McBride, 28, was wearing gloves and a ski mask when he fell from the ceiling of a CVS Pharmacy early Monday morning, WFTV reported.

A burglar alarm sounded off at the CVS around 1:30 a.m. when a Melbourne police officer heard it, Sgt. Sheridan Shelley told WFTV.

"The officers immediately relayed this information to other units and approached the business exterior where they found an open access hatch in the drive-through ceiling," police said in a statement obtained by WTSP.

"They immediately spotted or heard at least noises at first, then they spotted someone trying to come back out of the hatch. That individual fell from that hatch down to the ground," the sergeant said. More officers “were there within seconds or minutes after he entered the pharmacy. When they fall into your hands like that, it's rare.”

McBride fell through the ceiling as officers waited for a K-9 unit to respond to the burglary. When police arrested the 28-year-old suspect, they found gloves, a ski mask, burglary tools and prescription pills on his person, according to WTSP.