Algeria's state-run power utility plans to spend at least 8 billion euros on the construction of 10 power plants by 2018, the official APS news agency reported on Tuesday.

By 2015, three of the 10 power plants are expected to add 5,200 megawatts to the oil- and gas-exporting nation's installed power capacity, which stands at 10,900 MW, APS said, quoting Sonelgaz's top executive, Abdelali Badache.

Badache did not give details on the power generation capacity from the remaining plants but said a tender had been launched for the addition of 2,800 MW through the upgrade of existing units over the period 2013-2015.

No details were given on the fuel the new plants would be using.

Of 10,900 MW in installed capacity, Algeria used on Sunday 7,745 MW, which Badache described as a peak for demand amid a winter cold spell in the country.

Some southern Mediterranean countries such as Algeria hope to be key suppliers of electricity to European countries.