It could have ended as many mystery murder stories in which the murder never gets caught. But this 33-year-old woman could not end it that well and landed in police net for stabbing her husband 35 times with an ice-poker on Wednesday.

Aarti Sachdeva, living in India's capital city of Delhi, had a strained relationship with her husband. Her hatred for her husband Virendra, which was developed during their 14 year marital life, and her love for a one year younger man forced her to hire a contract killer to get rid of her husband.

Two journeys of Aarti's life made sure her long stay behind the bars, the duration of which will be decided after the court's judgment in the case. Aarti met Virendra in a train 18 years ago and the duo fell in love. After four years of love relationship, Aarti and Virendra got married in 1997.

Her one more journey in 2009 on which she met Sant Saran Nehra overshadowed her journey with Virendra, and the married woman and mother of one fell in love with a married man this time. Aarti lost her only son to an illness in March this year. 

After two years of secret relationship, Nehra and Aarti decided to get Virendra, who was the co-owner of a confectionery shop, killed and start a new life with the wealth she will inherit from her husband.

Aarti and Nehra involved Nehra's friend Mridul Dixit in the plan and offered him Rs 10 lakh for the job.

On the fateful night Aarti opened the door for Nehra and Dixit. Nehra first struck Virendra with a hammer. Dixit and Aarti then stabbed him repeatedly with the ice-poker. The three then ransacked the house. Arti also asked them to tie her up to deceive the police.

According to police, Aarti's statement had many loopholes. She claimed she didn't have a clue how the killers entered the house. But we found that the two men did not enter the house forcibly. Moreover, the way the deceased was brutally murdered, it seemed like a crime of passion, India Today quoted a police officer as saying.

Police arrested all three of them on Saturday.