Last month, we discovered that Blizzard's official support pages made references to a desktop launcher app from which you could chat with people on your in-game friends list, launch games and much more. A pretty authentic-looking video of what appears to be the beta version of this client, which doesn't have an official name and was first spotted by MCV. The speaker in the video calls it the Launcher beta, which is a pretty apt description, so we'll call it that too.

In the beta version of the Launcher, your games library will be located in a column on the left side of the app. Clicking on a game's corresponding icon will change the launcher's visual theme to match that game. When you click on a game in the Launcher, you can launch it by clicking "play" on the bottom left corner of the program. You can also install games from the launcher.

To the right of the "play" button, you'll find the current version of that game, as well as a button that lets you open the patch notes for that game's most recent update. When you click on the patch notes button, the notes open up within the app, as opposed to opening a new browser tab/window. We hope that feature makes it into the final release.

When you click on one of the games in your library, you'll be treated to a news feed specific to that game, but if you click the "news" button at the top of the app, it will open a general news feed that lumps together all Blizzard-related news.

You'll be able to switch between game servers through the launcher, saving you from having to do so in-game.

It's unknown whether older Blizzard games like "Diablo 2" and "Warcraft 3," which still have a significant amount of players, will be supported by the app. We hope they will.

Watch the Launcher beta video below, courtesy of YouTube.

What do you think of the Launcher beta? What are your favorite features? What features that aren't shown in the video should make it into the final release? Sound off in the comments below.