“Allegiant” star Miles Teller has recently spoken about how the interview he had with Esquire last year gave a negative effect on how he is perceived by people. The actor said he was “misrepresented” in the interview and that what had been written about him could not have been further from who he really is.

Speaking with The Guardian, Teller said: “Oh, I felt frickin' helpless, I felt extremely misrepresented, I felt a little angry. For the average person, they are reading this article, they haven't met you, they're like, 'Oh, Miles is an a-hole. You didn't hear it? You didn't read that Esquire? Yeah, she said he was an a—hole – he must be!”

A portion of the Esquire interview says, “So yeah, he is kind of a d—ck. But the thing is, you agree with him.” It ends with Teller being described as someone who could “charm the world with his di—ishness.”

Teller first spoke out about the interview after it was released. Taking to Twitter to air his side, the actor said the magazine got it “wrong” and that he does not believe that being an a—hole, as he was painted in the article, is good or something to be proud of.

Some of the actor's celebrity friends defended the actor. Kate Mara, who played Teller's wife in “Fantastic Four,” said the actor is a “truly fantastic person.” Jamie Bell also said that Teller is a good guy and actor. Michael B. Jordan said he is friends with Teller and that he knows how to choose his friends wisely.

After the interview was published, Teller went on to star in “Allegiant,” the third installment in the “Divergent” movie franchise. He also appeared in “Get a Job” and “War Dogs.” He also has three upcoming movie projects: “Bleed for This,” “Thank You for Your Service” and “Granite Mountain.”