Alliqua, Inc., an advanced biomedical products company focused on the development and manufacturing of proprietary drug delivery and wound care technologies, yesterday announced that it had acquired a 10 year exclusive global license from Noble Biomaterials, Inc. for two wound care dressings, with an additional 10 year renewal option. The new licenses are for a hydrocolloid with X-STATIC® and a hydrogel with X-STATIC® that utilizes Alliqua’s hydrogels. Both products have already received their 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Noble Biomaterials will continue to supply the X-STATIC® for the dressings and will receive royalty payments.

These two products utilize X-STATIC®, Noble Biomaterial’s proprietary silver-based antimicrobial fiber used for advanced wound care, infection control and odor elimination. Alliqua believes that X-STATIC® enhances the effectiveness of medical devices used for wound care, burn care, skin care and infection prevention. The advantage to using these products include continuous, sustained release of silver cations for broad spectrum antimicrobial protection; demonstration of rapid bactericidal activity against a broad range of pathogens in pharma codynamice in vitro model; no flaking or shedding of elemental silver; high versatility, allowing dressings to be used for multiple wound applications; no staining of patient, wound bed or clinician; and smoother skin application and greater patient comfort.

This transaction allows Alliqua to be a significant player in the wound care and silver dressings markets earlier than if it had waited for the 510(k) for a similar hydrogel dressing previously submitted. Together with the hydrocolloid dressing included in the transaction, Alliqua now has an enhanced offering in the $11.8 billion wound care marketplace initially targeting diabetic ulcers, pressure sores, burns and post surgical applications.

“We are very excited about collaborating with Noble Biomaterials through the licensing of these two products, especially the hydrogel that utilized Alliqua’s hydrogels. We believe that this transaction will expedite our efforts to bring a silver dressing to market, along with allowing us to enhance revenue while we pursue a prescription pain patch and other projects,” David Stefansky, Chairman of Alliqua, stated in the press release.

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), each year there are more than 2.5 diabetic ulcers diagnosed in the U.S. and more than 30 million surgical procedures performed.

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