Yesterday, ALR Technologies Inc. announced an agreement with Mantra Healthcare Solutions to produce the Health-e-Connect System. This will be effective starting June 1, 2011. The Health-e-Connect System is a web-based application designed to help medical professionals care for diabetes patients while the patients are at home. This is accomplished by improving compliance, communication and feedback. Eventually the system will be expanded to cover patients who suffer from other chronic diseases.

ALR Tech is focused on creating products for the emerging field of Chronic Disease Management which is based around patients using their products in-home. ALR Tech developed the Health-e-Connect system. Mantra Healthcare has brought their expertise in providing health care professionals and patients with solutions for diabetic care. Mantra has 40 years of experience in the field, and has provided care programs to federal markets, hospitals and primary care facilities.

Sidney Chan, Chairman and CEO of ALRT, said, “Mantra Healthcare Solutions’ ability of establishing sustainable use will be key to the successful launch of Heath-e-Connect. Their proven track record and extensive relationships in the various health arenas will pave the way for accelerated penetration of Health-e-Connect into the emerging market of in-home patient-focused chronic disease management.”

“In a clinical trial using Health-e-Connect as the platform for intensive blood glucose control, average A1c of the participants was reduced from 8.8% to 7.6% over a six month period. Health-e-Connect is an effective and affordable platform for intensive blood glucose control,” commented the President of Mantra Healthcare Solutions. “As pay for performance programs are being implemented by Medicare and private insurers, Health-e-Connect provides a necessary tool needed by hospitals and doctors to efficiently manage their patients to improve outcomes and maximize reimbursements.”