Compliance. The word says an awful lot when it comes to proper treatment of illnesses, disease and chronic pain. In the words of C. Everett Koop, former U.S. Surgeon General, “a drug will not work if you are not taking it.” In fact, the number one reason for non-compliance is generally referred to as forgetfulness. Thousands of articles have been written on a patient’s inability to take their prescribed medications at the appropriate times and the appropriate doses, but no solid solution has ever been produced. We’ve heard numbers as low as 17% of all patients fully following prescription instructions.

A 2003 article by Albert I. Wertheimer, PhD, MBA and Thomas M. Santella, BS, published in the Journal of Applied Research in Clinical and Experimental Therapeutic” called “Medication Compliance Research: Still So Far to Go” cited these several facts about medical non-compliance, including:

• Approximately 125,000 people with treatable ailments die each year in the USA because they do not take their medication properly.
• Fourteen to 21% of patients never fill their original prescriptions.
• Sixty percent of all patients cannot identify their own medications.
• Thirty to 50% of all patients ignore or otherwise compromise instructions concerning their medication.
• Approximately one fourth of all nursing home admissions are related to improper self-administration of medicine.
• Twelve to 20% of patients take other people’s medicines.
• Hospital costs due to patient noncompliance are estimated at $8.5 billion annually.

*Note that this article was published in 2003. The numbers have continually risen over the last 7 years.

Now, enter ALR Technologies, Inc. (ALR). ALR is a publically traded company that trades on the NASDAQ OTCBB under the ticker ALTR. ALR is 100% focused on addressing this epidemic of non-compliance. With over 12 years of research at the hands of their President and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Sidney Chan, the facts on all facets of medical non-compliance and its costs to patients, doctors, insurance companies and biopharmaceutical companies have been researched extensively.

ALR Technologies has developed a solution to address the problem: a reminder system with audible alerts that is connected with the prescribing physician. Just shy of the doctor physically going to each patient’s residence and watching the compliance to prescriptions, this is an extremely viable option. The system is not merely limited to just physician and patient. Many more applications including assisted living facilities and veterinary-related applications have also been addressed by ALR.