While American and overseas car manufacturers begin to pick up the pace regarding greener vehicles, the reality is that it is going to be some time until serious breakthroughs take place. The technology is available but still in its infancy. This creates other markets within the current auto industry to flourish and to help resolve the here and now issues we are faced with. There are currently over 600 million gas powered vehicles of some kind on the world’s roads today, close to a third of them are in the US alone. Worldwide, most of these vehicles are later models and there are still numerous countries and regions that have no emissions laws and regulations. This poses several threats to our environment.

One focal point that is really making headway is not in the bio-fuel industry, but rather in after-market fuel conservation technologies. These concepts are becoming realities at a much faster pace than automakers current solutions. It is a clear, logical and direct approach to our current conditions. The goal is to address these issues right now, knowing we are still decades away from replacing every vehicle in the world.

The development of the e3 Fuel Saver has just surfaced and is already having a resounding response by its consumers. The praise has been overwhelming to its creators. It has the capability to provide up to a 50% increase in overall gas mileage. This product can be easily attached to virtually everything on the road today in about an hour.

The Arizona-based company that developed and markets this technology is Alternative Energy Development Corp857. They have several goals in mind including producing and installing fuel saving automotive products worldwide. A big plus is how cost effective it is. Total cost for the product levels off just under $300. This new product has the capability to curb rising gas prices, have a huge, positive impact on global warming and ease the minds of what most are concerned with and that is reducing our foreign oil dependency. AEDC is out there and getting more attention by the day.