The Arizona based company Alternative Energy Development Corporation is a young corporation that is starting to catch the eyes of investors. Alternative Energy started their company with a mission in mind to develop and install cost-effective fuel saving automotive technology across the globe, making them not only an appealing option to the consumer but a friend of the environment. Alternative Energy’s e3 Fuel Saver may be just the product to put the young company over the top.

The e3 Fuel Saver is an aftermarket automotive fuel saving device that operates on all models of gas powered vehicles for under $300. This concept provides an improvement in overall engine performance while saving the consumer serious money at the pump. Perhaps more importantly, the e3 allows a reduction in vehicle emissions output, making it the perfect option to not only combat oil prices but to help the “Green Movement” in our country.

Leading the way at Alternative Energy is their President and CEO Jerry “Jay” Alvarez. Alvarez is recognized as a renowned leader and design specialist in the automotive industry and gained national acclaim when he was solely responsible for the Lund sponsored 2003 Cadillac CTS that broke the world speed record at Bonneville Salt Flats.

Alvarez was recently quoted as saying, “With oil prices on the rise again, consumers can expect to feel the impact of this weeks events where it hurts most…their wallets. Our e3 Fuel Saver is an extremely cost effective solution to this ongoing problem. We want to help hard working Americans lower fuel costs and conserve their fuel usage.”

Currently, Alternative Energy Development Corporation is trading in the $1.12 range and has consistently provided positive news. With a product like the e3 Fuel Saver, which could help to save money for consumers and protect the environment, Alternative Energy Development Corporation is an over-the-counter gem that every investor dreams of.