AlumiFuel Power Inc. is a company that is starting to catch the attention of investors. A wholly-owned subsidiary of AlumiFuel Power Corporation, AlumiFuel Power Inc. (API) has earned reputation as a top early production stage alternative energy company that generates hydrogen gas and steam for multiple niche applications. Today, the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania based API made an announcement that may set the tone for the future of the young company and capture the attention of investors on Wall Street.

API announced it has developed a formulation which rapidly terminates its hydrogen-generating reaction of aluminum with water, facilitating its development and commercialization of advanced reactor systems for military and commercial applications. The formulation is composed of proprietary additives that are dissolved in water and added to the reaction. The formula will increase the versatility and market penetration of many of API’s products and will especially play a pivotal role in applications such as Navy Unmanned Underwater Vehicles.

One of the leaders of API is Seth McIntosh who serves as API’s Director of Engineering. McIntosh is a noted name in his field and through his tireless efforts has helped API evolve into a known company.

When asked about the new development of API’s technological advances, McIntosh was quoted as saying, “This new development gives API’s technology an additional advantage. Many of the applications that we are developing require us to be able to instantly stop and restart the reaction, and this breakthrough will allow us to introduce a higher level of control into these products. We are formulating a second generation mix with a higher efficiency and developing methods for integrating this concept into different reactor systems.”

The breakthrough technology enhancement developed by API could lead to great things for both API and their parent company AlumiFuel Power Corporation. With leaders such as McIntosh in place and technology that will enhance both military and commercial applications, API may be a force to be reckoned with in the near future.

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