AlumiFuel Power Corp.’s wholly-owned subsidiary AlumiFuel Power, Inc. is a dynamic energy company positioned on the cutting edge of an emerging hydrogen economy with its highly localizable fuel cell systems. The subsidiary reported today the successful development of a new cartridge design for applications in UUVs (unmanned undersea vehicles).

The newly engineered design can produce 1k liters of hydrogen in 20 minutes (akin to the cartridges used in the PBIS-1000 portable balloon system) but with a long duration release rate making it ideally suited for the UUV applications demanded by the surging global UUV market.

Projections of $12B within a decade for all segments of the global UUV market ($1.2B of which is power systems and some $500M of which is fuel modules) makes the target audience for the new cartridge system a sizeable pie from which AlumiFuel aims to cut a nice big slice via the superior quality of their technological edge in hydrogen energy systems.

Indeed the overall market for hydrogen fuel cells and superheated steam applications for which the Company’s technology is developed will continue to increase as more and more capital is directed globally towards alternative energy.

CTO of AlumiFuel Inc., Mr. John Boyle, noted the effort invested thus far in perfecting the Company’s technology for UUV applications and sees the new cartridge design as perfect for the general market, citing its development with portable power partner, Ingenium Technologies, Inc. under US Navy R&D contract with an output envelope target of 2kW for 72 hours.

Ingenium has put in several proposals to US DOD featuring API’s fuel source technology for a variety of UUV power requirements, and with defense contractors and immediate deepwater services industry commercial applications abounding, the Company is in prime position to capitalize significantly to the benefit of shareholders.

With an incredible amount of potential applications for fuel cells and the emerging segment of hydrogen/heat output underwater propulsion, AlumiFuel brings the superior performance, quality, safety, flexibility and cost-effectiveness for which the Company is known to tip the scales in its favor when it comes to uptake by companies looking to upgrade technology.