AlumiFuel Power Inc. is an early production stage alternative energy company that generates hydrogen gas and superheated steam through the chemical reaction of aluminum, water and proprietary additives. The company announced today that it has taken delivery of its first production unit hydrogen generator, the PBIS-1000. The company also announced that, with the help of its local manufacturing partner – Apex Piping Systems, its production line is fully ready for mass production of its hydrogen generators.

Operation of AlumiFuel Power’s PBIS-1000 generator is simple: two 32-ounce ‘aluminum can’ cartridges containing aluminum powder and the proprietary additives are loaded into the reactor vessels. Water from practically any source, including salt or brackish water, is poured into the water tank, and a hand pump is then used to inject water into the cartridges. This generates 1,000 liters of hydrogen in 20 minutes.

Unlike expensive electrolysis systems, AlumiFuel Power’s generator does not need an external power source, and unlike steam reformers, creates no greenhouse gases. Furthermore, all the chemicals used in the reaction are non-toxic and can be recycled or discarded in municipal dumps. The company’s hydrogen generator is also more mobile, considerably less expensive than any other system on the market and generates high quality hydrogen.

AlumiFuel Power’s director of engineering, Sean McIntosh, spoke about the company’s future saying that “We are of course very excited about the delivery of our first production unit hydrogen generator, but we are even more excited about having a very robust and agile manufacturing system in place to quickly and easily ramp up our production in a very cost-effective manner. And there is nothing in the market that even comes close to this unit in terms of its versatility to handle a variety of applications.”