One company that is starting to develop a global presence is the AlVech International Group Co. Located in Shenzhen, China, AlVech focuses on the integration of electronic products such as multimedia speakers and video games. While only being founded in 2004, AlVech has already made their presence felt in both the domestic and international markets. Today, AlVech made a major announcement which will enhance their economic future.

AlVech announced that on June 29 of this year, they entered into a sales contract with Europea Trade which is valued at USD $1.1 million for the manufacture of 15,000 LED-backlit LCD TV’s. This sales contract is a major accomplishment and may be a sign of things to come for the young company.

Europea Trade appears to be a strong partner for AlVech because they have quickly evolved into a leading distributor of information and communication technology and home entertainment products throughout Europe. Founded in 1991, Europea Trade offers a full line of premium brands as well as tailor-made products in various categories such as navigation, MP3 players, monitors, televisions, notebooks, software, and DVD products.

Leading the way at AlVech is JinLin Guo who serves as the company’s Chairman and CEO. When asked what this news release will mean to the future of AlVech, Guo was quoted as saying, “We launched production of LED-backlit LCD televisions in April 2010 and expect LED TVs to contribute a sizable portion of our revenue in 2010. We have already established relationships with many well-known European retailers and distributors and have obtained excellent feedback following our first order from Europea Trade in June. We plan to leverage these kinds of relationships to create global recognition for our LED-backlit LCD TV brand.”

Currently, AlVech is trading in the $5.35 range. With this breaking news an array of products in their pipeline, AlVech is a company to keep an eye on.

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