Headquartered in Valencia, California, AM Oil Resources & Technology Inc.’s mission is to use, sell, and produce their patent and patent pending technologies. These technologies provide environmentally safe and cost-effective apparatus designed to maximize oil production in oil fields. The Company also works to provide solutions to the world with technology that will recover crude oil that would otherwise remain in the ground forever. They are working to achieve these goals through utilizing proper development, partnership, and strategic alliances.

AM Oil Resources & Technology Inc. holds the license to the technology, and the rights to market, the Portable Steam Generator System, the Portable Thermo-Gas Repressurizing System, and the Deep Steam Generator technologies. The units are designed to recover more crude oil from wells that have historically produced oil. These technologies work by reducing the viscosity of the oil. This allows for the more efficient production of oil. It also provides pressure needed to drive oil through ground formations to the well shaft. The patented Meeks series extraction units provide portability and low cost operation.

The fully patented Portable Steam Generator technology is highly effective in harvesting greater amounts of oil from marginally producing “stripper wells” as well as high viscosity, low gravity oil. Full deployment of this technology could help the United States reduce foreign oil dependence.

AM Oil Resources & Technology Inc. announced yesterday that they finished pre-engineering, and will start construction of three 10 Million B.T.U. portable steam systems. The units are for oil fields in California. The Company forecasts that they will generate revenue from them by the end of the first quarter or the beginning of the second quarter this year. Each of the MTO-06 portable steam systems can produce from two to six million dollars in annual revenues for the Company. AM Oil Resources & Technology expects to build 10 to 20 units in 2009.

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