Amanda Bynes may have been dreaming of murdering her parents and burning her house down, an audio tape published by TMZ revealed Friday. According to the report, the tape was recorded last week by one of the star’s roommates.

The 28-year-old actress had accused her parents of not giving her money, Mirror Online reported. But according to sources, her parents later agreed to help her out, but Bynes refused their offer. According to TMZ, the troubled star’s parents wanted the celebrity tabloid to publish the latest audio clip, thinking that medical professionals would get her some help.

In the audio clip, Bynes also reportedly attacked a friend, saying: “You're so gay it hurts my feelings."

On Thursday, Bynes was spotted with a male friend at a restaurant in Beverly Hills. While some reports claimed that the actress was turned away from the restaurant, the Japanese eatery denied that any such incident had taken places.

"Amanda Bynes wasn't denied service at Sugarfish," the restaurant told E! News. "She came into the restaurant with a friend. They sat down for a moment. They looked at the menu and decided that they didn't like it. They wanted American fusion sushi. Sugarfish serves old Tokyo sushi. They wanted the deep fat fried rolls which we don't serve."

In October, Bynes was reportedly kept in an involuntary psychiatric hold, which was extended, but was later released end of that month.

Bynes has been involved a series of troubling incidents including a DUI arrest. She also reportedly accused her father of sexual abuse and tweeted that there was a microchip in her brain.