Amanda Bynes' Twitter feed has come under a lot of scrutiny and criticism.

 The 25-year-old actress has not been shy about posting information about her personal life and even posing for sexy pictures.

I believe in no regrets, Bynes told People at the MTV Movie Awards a few weeks ago. You say what you feel because you felt it at the moment.

Bynes has been sharing personal information and emotions with approximately 5,000 of her Twitter followers.

It's sort of like what I would tell a reporter if I were doing an interview, Bynes said. You kind of have to let people know a little bit about you. And once you've been in the business for a long time, people kind of know stuff about your life. I don't tell anybody anything too personal, but I say stuff I would say in an interview.

Bynes' Twitter came under a lot of scrutiny last year when she decided she planned to retire.

I really just needed some time off, she said of the announcement. I've been acting since I was seven, and I'm 25 now. So, it's not retiring so much. It's just taking some time off.

Bynes told People that it is important for her to keep some things private.

I don't like talking about [dating], she said. But when I'm getting married, I'll be open about that.