Amanda Knox seems to be making up for all the time lost during her incarceration in Italy. Knox and her musician boyfriend James Terrano, both 24 and living in Seattle, are attempting a trial marriage to see if their relationship will work out in the long term.

Knox started dating her old friend Terrano four weeks after she was acquitted of the 2007 murder of her British roommate in Italy and returned home. Terrano is a classical guitar student at the University of Washington.

Amanda has fallen head over heels in love with James, a source close to the Knox family told the National Enquirer.

Their relationship quickly blossomed and now her family wouldn't be at all surprised if they get married in the coming year, added the source.

Their relationship is now labeled a trial marriage.

Knox and Terrano have rented a $1,400-a-month apartment in Seattle. Knox has also signed a book deal worth $1 million.

They have kept quiet about the affair and were seen leaving their shabby apartment separately. Knox did not comment on her relationship with Terrano and said, I can't tell you anything. As the couple walked out, Terrano wrapped his arms around Knox's shoulders.

The pictures of Knox and Terrano came out after she was criticized and called insensitive by murder victim Meredith Kercher's father John.

Knox seems to be changing her life outside of prison. She is also planning to continue with her studies.