Amanda Knox will flee Italy if she is acquitted of charges she participated in the murder of British student Meredith Kercher in 2007, warned an Italian prosecutor.

Giuliano Mignini also charged that Knox -- the 24-year-old American exchange student who has already been convicted of Kercher’s murder and has filed an appeal -- has at her disposal a million-dollar publicity campaign.

Mignini asked the jury: Have you ever seen a defendant who hires a big [public relations] agency? She has a publicity campaign behind her that cost up to a million dollars.

Knox‘s ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito, 27, is also appealing his murder conviction in connection with Kercher’s death.

Mignini also accused Knox of seeking to blame the murder entirely on the black guy -- referring to 22-year-old Rudy Guede, a native of Ivory Coast in West Africa, who has already been convicted of Kercher’s murder and is serving 16 years in prison (reduced on appeal from an original term of 30 years).

You wanted to make a pact of steel and blame it all on the black guy, he said. [Knox and Sollecito] covered their tracks well. The poor black guy will pay for everyone.

Mignini further refuted defense attorney’s allegations that Knox has been “crucified” by media.

Defense attorneys charge that the Italian media has painted a sensationalist portrait of Knox, making a fair trial impossible.

An Italian court is expected to deliver a verdict on the appeals on Monday.

In the event Knox’s guilty verdict is overturned, prosecutors vow to appeal. However, she will be free to depart Italy. In case Knox is again convicted, she will have one more chance to appeal.

Knox was convicted, along with Sollecito, of murdering her British roommate Kercher, during a drug-fueled sex game that went wrong. Kercher's half-naked body was found in 2007, in a bloody pool in the apartment that Knox and Kercher shared.

Knox was sentenced to 26 years in jail while Sollecito was given a sentence of 25 years.