A buxom bandit has become the talk of Australia (and the world) after her curvaceous attempt at holding up a gas station in Queensland exposed many flaws in her amateur criminal hijinks and left her looking like a total boob. You can judge her many criminal failings yourself in the video below.

The yet-unidentified blonde, believed to be in her 20s, thought taking her twin peaks out on a criminal expedition might divert attention away from the fact that her face was completely exposed. The buxom bandit did, however, take the time to avoid leaving fingerprints by putting on a glove -- except it was on the wrong hand.

There were a number of serious threats to harm the attendant and she fled with a small amount of money, a spokesman for Queensland police told Australia's Channel Nine news.

Want more forehead-slapping goofs? She made no attempt to hide her hair. Yes, long-haired blondes are a dime a dozen in Australia, but police can use unique combination of her hair, a decent look at her face and the bodacious tan lines her low neck line exposes to identify her.

The woman did take the time to make several threats towards the gas station attendant, who took his time to scope out the threat so to speak level before finally opening up the cash register. He did fight back, feebly throwing items at the bandit as she fled to a waiting getaway car.

But the buxom bandit didn't have the brains to match her ample bosom, leaving behind a clear video of her face and hair (among other things), as well as fingerprints on several items in the store. Cops hope her bungling robbery could lead to an early arrest.