The CBS series "The Amazing Race" aired the finale of Season 26 on Friday. Team SoCal's Tyler Adams and Laura Pierson won the competition and beat out the other couples, including Mike and Rochelle, Hayley and Blair and Jelani and Jenny.

Here are the Top 4 teams of "The Amazing Race" Season 26:

1. Team SoCal (Tyler Adams and Laura Pierson); Leg 12 winners; Prize: US $1 million

2. The Legal Team (Jelani Roy and Jenny Wu)

3. Rx For Love (Blair Townsend and Hayley Keel)

4. Truck Stop Love (Rochelle Nevedal and Mike Dombrowski)

The teams went to AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, wherein they came across the "Who Wants To Score?" roadblock. A representative of each team had to dress up in a football uniform. They also needed to wear a harness because they were brought to the top of the stadium. Once there, they had to collect a football playbook. Aside from that, they had to catch a touchdown pass as well as kick a field goal in order to get their next clue.

After the first roadblock, the teams were instructed to go to a ranch in Johnson County, Texas. They had to wear western hats, boots and shirts. They needed to work with a cowboy to herd at least six Texas longhorn cattle into one pen. As soon as they were able to complete this task, they were given the next clue.

Unfortunately, Mike and Rochelle got eliminated here, even before they crossed the finish line.  This was the Elimination Point that show host Phil Keoghan was telling them about in the previous episode "In It to Win It."

For the second roadblock, the three remaining teams had to go to the Reunion Tower in Dallas. The team member who didn't do the first roadblock got to participate in this task. They had to rappel from the top of the tower and look for their next clue on the way down. The clue instructed the teams to proceed to the Trinity River for their next task.

At the Railroad Track Shed near the river, the teams had to drive a monster truck through a mud pit. Then, they had to finish the race's final challenge that involved testing their memory in order to unlock the shed. They also had to arrange some selfies that they took along the race in chronological order. Once finished with this task, they were told to head to the Continental Avenue Bridge, which was the finish line.

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