There's another official trailer for the Amazing Spider-Man, the reboot of the popular Marvel Comics series due to hit theaters in July 3, 2012.

While the first trailer largely focused on Peter Parker's transformation into Spider-Man, the second trailer focused on his relationships with other characters in the film including the main villain, his professor Dr. Curt Connors, who eventually transforms into The Lizard.

Though the villain is never shown directly, many shots give the impression of what The Lizard will look like.

Near the end of the trailer, a silhouette of Spider-Man is shown flinging himself to the top of a tower in order to kick his nemesis, The Lizard.

The new trailer also focuses on Emma Stone, who stars as Spider-Man's love interest Gwen Stacy: They share a tender kiss.

During one scene, Peter Parker, played by Andrew Garfield, is talking to Gwen Stacy's father, played by Denis Leary, over dinner.

The father, who is a cop, gets upset when Parker mentions that Spider-Man might be doing good things for the city, thus setting up the dilemma of being a vigilante hero. In other scenes, Parker is shown being left by his immediate family.

The film appears to be filmed mostly in New York City. Not only do New York City subway cars make an appearance, but so does the skyline and several building.  One of the most prominent buildings to make an appearance in the movie is the Hearst Building, which is where Parker works during the day. The Hearst Building is shown slightly altered and fictionalized in the trailer.