Last night, Amazon announced Amazon Cloud Player, its first foray into cloud-based music storage and playback. 

But the list of the device's supported services has one notable omission: iOS products. While Amazon offers a version of the Amazon Cloud Player for Android via its Amazon MP3 Application, that software is not available for devices like Apple's iPad, iPhone, and iPod. Amazon's Cloud Player doesn't work with the mobile version of Apple's Safari browser either.

This is likely because Amazon MP3 is a direct competitor to Apple's own iTunes Music Store. Amazon may also be butting up against Apple's recently-announced policy shifts towards subscription-based applications. With the new rules, Apple takes a 30% share of revenue developers gain from subscriptions offered through the iTunes Store. By eschewing iOS, Amazon may be attempting to avoid giving Apple a share of its profits.

Either way, by failing to support iOS, Amazon is missing out on the very large tablet and smartphone market controlled by Apple devices.

But it's a void that Apple is set to fill itself. The company is widely believed to be working on its own plans to enter the cloud-based music storage space. Revamping its MobileMe service, the company will offer its music locker for $20 a year, sources say.

Amazon did not respond to requests for comment.