Amazon has stepped up its product offering in the frontier market of cloud services.

The company has two existing products: a Cloud Drive that lets users store files online and a Cloud Player that lets users play back the music they store online.

Now (for a limited time), for just $20 a year, users can get 20 GB of space for non-music files and unlimited space for music files.  Moreover, storage is free for all music files purchased from Amazon.  Furthermore, the Cloud Player now works on the iPad, in addition to working on the Android phone, Android tablet, Mac, and PC.

Amazon newest sweet offer just made it that much harder for Apple and Google to play catch up in cloud storage and music game.

Cloud computing is likely the next frontier of information technology. A decade from now, it's conceivable that consumers will have little need for physical hard drives and instead access everything from anywhere by simply logging on to their cloud accounts.

Therefore, tech companies are trying to go cloud and carve out a space in this frontier world.

Google, for example, has launched cloud business software solutions and even an entirely cloud based computer (the Chromebook).  Apple, meanwhile, has introduced iCloud as the all en-encompassing cloud entity for Apple services.