Amazon's just-released Kindle Cloud Reader is a perfect example of what some are calling the next online generation: a cloud-based Web application, created in HTML5 to make it (for the most part) platform- and browser-independent.

Another good example is Wal-mart's new VUDU software, which also takes advantage of HTML5's advanced graphics and Web application capabilities to allow on-demand video streaming from browsers, rather than requiring a dedicated app to be installed.

The fact that Apple doesn't get 30 percent of the proceeds probably doesn't hurt either.

Ever since Apple revised its iOS app rules regarding in-app purchasing, dissent has been brewing. A number of companies, not interested in having to automatically fork over nearly a third of every sale, simply pulled their apps completely from Apple's App Store. Others, like Amazon, pushed out revisions that complied with the new rules -- usually by removing the in-app purchasing links.

The Kindle Cloud Reader's landing page is relatively subtle about the Apple conflict, but it does clearly promise that the Kindle Cloud Reader is "Optimized for iPad: shop the integrated Kindle Store for Tablets" -- and the link for those who use "an iPhone or other unsupported device" is in very small print at the very bottom of the page.

VUDU isn't necessarily shy about its intentions as well; on the main page, there is a link to a dedicated iPad page, which reads "The VUDU Web site has been optimized for your iPad®. Simply open the Safari browser on your iPad® and navigate to There's no need to install an App."

Two facts which may or may not be connected: Apple's CEO Steve Jobs is the single largest shareholder of Walt Disney Corp. And Disney is the only major studio whose films are no longer available on VUDU. No official comment has been made by either party, however.

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