A recent story on CNET.com broke the news that Amazon.com's e-book reader, reportedly called the Kindle, will likely be introduced to the public on Monday. By providing a device that allows a crisp, aesthetic way to read digital books, Amazon hopes to expand in the book-selling arena through which it originally made its name.

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The device has a larger screen than an iPhone but is more portable than a laptop. As for e-books, they are typically less pricey than their tangible counterparts, not to mention friendlier for the environment.

And yet, though digital books and e-book readers have been available for nearly a decade, the craze hasn't really caught on. Maybe, like me, people prefer to get their one-time reading material for free from the library and like displaying copies of the books deemed worthy enough to buy. Maybe reading off a screen isn't quite as conducive to curling up with a blanket and a cup of tea. Or maybe Amazon's involvement will lift the industry to new heights ... people used to prefer actual CDs to digital music at one point, too.

Early reports indicate that the Kindle will run about $400 to $500 that's already increasing the time it would take to begin saving money from buying hard-copy books. But the device will have the capability to uplink to Amazon.com in order to download new reading material. If you've ever been on vacation and run out of books, this is a great feature indeed.