The tech industry is constantly evolving and companies are ever-shifting trying to make their way to the top of the sectors they are currently in and favorably position themselves for those they are trying to enter. Mergers, acquisitions, and strategic partnerships play a role in this process as companies use them to amass patents which they can leverage against their own and put a product on the market they couldn't previously. Innovating from within is another way, and that is what Amazon is doing with their Amazon Web Services's (AWS) CloudSearch.

The company launched the new service called CloudSearch for AWS users who can integrate the search technology into their websites and various applications. This is being seen as a challenge to Google and Bing as the move positions Amazon as a competitor in the internal search sector. The SEO implications for internal search are not discussed by many, but as the sector grows and more sites utilize search in their offerings to perform such tasks as product searches, optimizing product details may be a necessity to rank higher in on-site search rankings in the near future.  

What Exactly is CloudSearch?
CloudSearch utilizes the same search specifications and functionality of that which is experienced on Site designers looking to embed this search into AWS sites can simply make a search domain and upload all the searchable data to the site. According to The Washington Post, the technology then automates all the elements that are necessary to facilitate the searches. In statements made by company representatives in the article, Amazon appears confident that this offering will make internal search functionality easier in the end for those businesses that have the technology as an integral part of their site.

The automation saves time for the businesses and great effort in trying to manage such a high-powered search process, resources that were greatly required with previous multi-faceted search technologies.  Pricing is set in three categories: small, large, and extra large depending on the size of searchable data. One downfall is that data can add up quickly for many sites, thus it may be costly to run. It remains to be seen the degree to which SEO companies and the SEO industry will be involved in internal site search rankings, but it is a sector to track going forward.

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