Inc. today unwrap the company's upgraded reading device, this second generation version of the electronic device goes on sale next week.

The new Kindle has the same screen size as the original version, but has received an upgrade to the shape and durability of the chassis. It is slightly taller - a half-inch than its predecessor, with a dimension of 0.36 at its thickest and incorporated with metal back plate into the body design.

In an event today at the Morgan Library in New York hosted by, Jeff Bezos Amazon’s Chief Executive promised that the newest iteration of the electronic book would further enhance the long-form reading experience.

Since launching the original Kindle a little over a year ago, customer response has far surpassed our highest hopes -- and we're grateful and appreciative for that. More people are reading more books, newspapers, and blogs on Kindle sooner than we ever imagined, Jeff Bezos said.

The original Kindle has been out of stock at Amazon since late last year. The Amazon Web site says that the company has improved its manufacturing capacity for the Kindle 2.