Washington-based electronic commerce company Amazon.com Inc is believed to be entering the tablet market in August or September 2011.

The company is said to favor Texas Instruments’ (TI) OMAP chips over NVIDIA processors, as was rumored earlier, to power the slates.


businessinsider.com: Jeff Bezo with the rumored tablet

The precise SoCs are not available at the moment, but will be different from the NVIDIA Tegra processors. Leaks in May showed two tablets, the 10-inch ‘Hollywood’, and the 7-inch ‘Coyote’, which would consist of NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 and the upcoming Kal-El quad-core.

The TI made silicon will pair with the Wintek touch panels and ILI technology-based LCD driver ICs (Integrated Circuit). Quanta Computer will be assembling the device. Monthly shipments of about 800,000 units are expected. The Amazon is aiming at the Thanksgiving season in US and holidays at the end of the year elsewhere.

TI’s OMAP4440 1.5Ghz dual-core is expected to make an impact in the second half of the year. The device’s 1080p Full HD and 3D support will also look to woo users globally, the Slashgear website reported.