Jordann Marie, the girl behind the Leave Amber Cole Alone video that instantly spread through Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr earlier this week, has released a new video titled Addressing the girl talking mess.

The new video addresses the huge frenzy surrounding her instantly viral video, released on Monday. Leave Amber Cole Alone spread through social networking sites like wildfire and was trending worldwide within 24 hours.

Marie was allegedly hurt by the fact that her 14-year-old friend was made fun of after she was caught on video performing oral sex in a public place. Because all of her peers spread the video on Twitter, Marie went on YouTube to defend Amber Cole.

Various screenshots of the Official Amber Cole Video have popped up online and Who is Amber Cole? became a hot question on Yahoo! Answers.

Rumors have spread that the boy in the video is Amber Cole's ex-boyfriend and that the incident happened on school grounds. All of the rumors are extremely disturbing.

The video was instantly taken offline and is seen as child pornography. Some are concerned that it has become one of the most widely distributed items of alleged child pornography in U.S. history.

Marie's video reaction has garnered nearly a million hits and sparked a debate over a disturbing new trend that is rapidly increasing in the world of social media.

While these scandalous events can ruin the reputation of some, they can also make others instant celebrities.

Marie's new video Addressing the girl talking mess begins by addressing a hater named Disanni.

What I posted doesn't make me fake first of all, and second of all everything in that video I said it was true.

Then, Jordann Marie goes on to admit that she did make the video in a funny way.

I just did it in a way that was funny, which made people watch it and it got the media attention that I got ... which was just so crazy to me, she says smiling.

Marie goes on to call her haters jealous of her fame and calls out all of her dissers.

But back to Amber. Marie says she respects Amber Cole.

I'm not sayin' that what she did was appropriate - because it was nothing close to appropriate ... but Amber Cole, if you're watching this baby girl, just know that everybody is not against you. Jordann Marie is not against you and she never will be. And if I have to continue to receive hate comments and hate videos from people, then that's just what it's going to be. Because I will never stop contributing to Amber Cole.

But what is Jordann Marie contributing to Amber Cole?

Her admittedly funny video has shined a light on a serious problem and has thrust the name of a person she is trying to defend into the media spotlight.

Marie claims she is hurt by the negative media attention that her video got. However a look at her Twitter page tells a different story.

Oh I'm getting money from it already, she tweeted yesterday.

Marie's 15 minutes are slowly fading, but the bigger issue will surely linger. Cyber bullying is on the rise and the effects can be devastating.

Social media has become a platform for teen bullying and Amber Cole's case is only the most recent example. It brings to mind the case of 18-year-old Tyler Clementi who was found dead by the George Washington Bridge last month after his roommate secretly taped a sexual encounter.

The sharing of the Amber Cole video has also made it clear that people are doing so without considering the fact that they are, effectively, circulating child porn - a Federal offense.

If anything, the Amber Cole video has shined a light on a several problem facing teens today. What happens when you become an instant celebrity? What happens when you are the victim of cyber bullying? What role am I playing in perpetuating both?

*** This video below contains some brief graphic language.