Everyone has something to say about Amber Cole's story. Why? Because it raises just about every teen issue in the book: Underage sexual activity, breaking school rules, lying and bullying.

In case you haven't heard the controversial story; Amber Cole is a 14-year-old girl who was filmed while performing oral sex on her boyfriend in her school grounds. As soon as the video was released, it went viral and Cole became a prime target of cyber bullying.

When people first saw Amber Cole trending on Twitter they first asked who she was. Once the story got out, Twitter flooded with condemning statements that later opened up an entire social media campaign to Leave Amber Cole Alone.

Even those who did not approve of the girls actions supported her with fear that the movement against her could lead to her suicide, following cyber bullying trends of the past.

She is not a criminal, she is just a girl and she wasn't even having sex so leave Amber Cole Alone, tweeted #Sarahscrub

On Tuesday, rumors started flooding Twitter saying that Cole had infact committed suicide. Twitter streams followed condeming then those who had contributed to making the video trend to such a high level, however, when two days passed and there was no verification of her death, the Amber Cole story  turned back into an Internet parody. People have been making and posting video and songs in her honor, and as part of the Leave Amber Cole Alone campaign.

On Facebook a I support Amber Cole fan page has been created reaching over 20,000 users. I'm not a hoe, i'm just an average girl...14...female...goals, read the opening post of the page. 

Jordann Marie, a girl who looks around the same age as Cole attracted a lot of attention for her Leave Amber Cole Alone' video. The exaggerated performance left many people uncertain as to how serious the girl was and she was criticized by many for mocking the story from those who argued that it only added to the damage. Marie's video spurred more YouTube users to post even more exaggerated versions.

Here is the original video:

Marie's second video addressing the girl talking mess' explains that she didn't feel bad about posting the video, and everything she said was true.

I just did it in a way that was funny, which made people watch it and it got the media attention that I got ... which was just so crazy to me, she said smiling.

In her new video Marie addresses Cole directly: I'm not sayin' that what she did was appropriate - because it was nothing close to appropriate ... but Amber Cole, if you're watching this baby girl, just know that everybody is not against you. Jordann Marie is not against you and she never will be. And if I have to continue to receive hate comments and hate videos from people, then that's just what it's going to be. Because I will never stop contributing to Amber Cole.

The original Amber Cole video, which by some has been dubbed as a sex tape was taken off air after being deemed as alleged Child Pornography in the U.S.