Ambient Corp. is a leading provider of smart grid communications infrastructure. The company today announced the latest release of AmbientNMS, the company’s cornerstone network management system.

The upgraded version of AmbientNMS is designed to accommodate the increasing number of Ambient X-3100 nodes and related endpoints, and offers customized lists and maps, data traffic prediction, control modules, and new aggregation tools.

“With the total orders for our X-3100 smart grid communications nodes now nearly 83,000 units, the total number of end points supported in aggregate by these nodes is expected to nearly triple the over 200,000 endpoints served today. This new release of the NMS system is designed to support beyond this level of scaling while adding new features and capabilities,” John J. Joyce, president and CEO of Ambient stated in the press release.

Ram Rao, senior vice president and CTO of Ambient, said the company has provided a solid platform for more than a decade and that it expects to continue its technology developments.

“For more than 10 years, we have been delivering an open and secure communications platform. We have already received significant orders for our proven, field deployed technology, while providing or supporting an increasing number of smart grid applications and we expect that trend to continue,” Rao stated in the press release. “An intelligent and robust network management system that scales is necessary for this expected increase in applications, and the new AmbientNMS is built to not only support existing applications, but others that may come along.”

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