The Amergence Group is mainly focused on assisting fledgling corporations to accelerate their growth through the use of unique business development ideology and techniques. Among some of the areas in which Amergence offers the greatest level of assistance are: the procurement of integral capital and the retention of legal, accounting, and PR services associated with a transition into a public forum.

Prior to adopting its current moniker, the company was known as SunnComm Technologies. Under this name, in 2003, it became the proprietor of America’s very first copy-protected compact disc technology. The product was called Media Max, and - following an agreement between the company and BMG Music (Now Sony/BMG) - the technology was utilized on a number of best-selling CDs in 2005 and 2006. Media Max optical media protection technology is still maintained by Amergence’s Tranzbyte division, which continues to seek new applications.

Now helping upstart companies find their footing in often precarious markets, Amergence develops innovative methods for obtaining success from within an existing business model. According to a recent press statement given by managing director Peter Jacobs, “The Amergence Group has identified several exciting new areas of potential growth, and we are excited about the prospect of capitalizing on several of the opportunities currently before the company”

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