Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, American Exploration has developed a solid and experienced management team with the mission to exploit oil and gas opportunities that remain undeveloped. The young company took a major step towards enhancing their future with the addition of Guggenheim Energy Opportunities to drill and develop the Haynesville acreage in Mississippi.

Guggenheim now joins forces with American Exploration and Mainland Resources, which was previously aligned with American, for the Haynesville Project. American and Mainland pooled their mineral leases, collectively totaling 13,225 acres. Guggenheim joins Mainland with an 8 percent working interest in the drilling and development of this project.

When asked what the addition of Guggenheim will mean to American Exploration, Company President and CEO Steve Harding was quoted as saying, “Guggenheim brings a great deal of technical depth and experience into the project and we look forward to working closely with their experienced principals. They have been involved in several shale gas projects within the southern United States and have identified analogues for the Mississippi Project in some of the most highly productive pools in which they have participated.”

While American Exploration was founded in 2008, the company has made a dramatic impression on investors in just under 2 years. With an experienced management team in place, American Exploration looks to exploit the market place with gas and oil projects for years to come.

Currently, American Exploration is trading in the $0.60 range and has continued to report positive news. For more information on this up-and-coming company, go to their website at: www.americanexploration.com and you will view the multitude of projects that American Exploration has in the pipeline. At $0.60 a share, American Exploration may be a hidden over-the-counter gem.

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