After Wednesday night’s episode, “American Horror Story” has made it clear that the only escape  from the abysmal insane asylum is death.

The seventh episode of “AHS: Asylum” was all about the gruesome, devilish and tragic ways lives end at Briarcliff, a place of constant violence and chaos.

First-season star Frances Conroy made an appearance during the seventh hour of  “AHS” as the Angel of Death, a romanticized figure who delivers the kiss of death to those who are ready to leave this world when she hears their songs and cries.

She first appeared to Grace, who became Dr. Arden’s special project after he learned he was going to be blamed for her botched hysterectomy. But Grace is not the first character in the episode to lock lips with the dark angel.

The schizophrenic patient Miles sees her next after he listened to voices that told him to slit his wrist on a meat slicer. Miles tells police he no longer wants to be here, meaning this world. The Angel of Death soon appears to him, and with one kiss his life is taken.

Sister Mary Eunice can see the Angel of Death even though she is not close to dying, which prompts the dark angel to figure out what the nun “is.”

When Sister Mary explains she is “simply a nun,” the Angel of the Death chillingly responds, "a nun maybe, but simple you are not."

She tells her, “you’re one like me, but fallen.”

For a brief moment the “real” Sister Mary, acting a host for the Demon inside her, bursts through to ask for help from the Angel of Death, but is soon overtaken by the Demon again.

Lana gets away from Dr. Thredson, aka Bloody Face, just before he kills her. The Angel of Death was going to take Lana away but she wasn’t ready. After unfortunately getting into a car with a suicidal man, Lana finds herself in Briarcliff once more when he shoots himself in the face and the car crashes.

Jude confesses to the Angel of Death at a diner that she had hoped to be a mother and have a family. She tells her that she has one last thing to do before she dies, but instead of going back to Briarcliff to make amends for her wrongs, she goes to the house of the family whose little girl she ran over when drunk. During the visit with the family she learns she didn’t actually kill the girl.

The exciting episode culminates when Kit breaks free after knocking out an investigator with a 1960s hole-puncher.

He goes back to Briarcliff to try and rescue Grace, but is followed into the asylum by a Rasper. After Kit kills it, a security guard tries to shoot him but misses and hits Grace.

The chilling and phenomenal episode might have been the best of the season, filled with intense, unimaginable horrors.

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