Hold on to your broom sticks because there is only one more episode of Coven, and with the 7 Wonders set to go down, there may only be one witch standing for what will be a bloody battle to be the next supreme. Last night’s episode of Coven saw Fiona’s murder by her love, the Axeman, who in turn was killed by the witches.

Now, there is only one way to find the next Supreme and that is through the very dangerous 7 Wonders: All bets are off, as each witch wants the crown and now that Zoe and Misty Day are back in the running it’s really anyone’s game. Now that Fiona is crocodile bait and unable to identify her successor its fair to presume that the 7 Wonders will bring an unimaginable amount of terror and blood-shed to the nail-biting finale.

There are 7 powers that only the Supreme can possess and with each with getting strong just who will demonstrate all of the powers being; Moving objects with your mind, mind control over someone, moving a person, power of resurgence, ability to descend into the afterlife and return, and finally light objects on fire with your mind.

At this point in time, both Queenie and Madison have acquired four of these powers. Both Zoe and Misty Day have 3 each so it’s going to be a tight race. If the American Horror franchise has taught us anything it is that we can never predict how it will end. There will be drama, bloodshed, and surprises no one can see coming, that we know for sure.

The season finale of ‘American Horror Story: Coven’ will air on FX on Wednesday January 29th at 10pm.

The blood and drama will flow as we wait eagerly for the dramatic end of Coven: The questions remains will the best witch win?