Can things get any weirder on “American Horror Story: Hotel”? You betcha! More of the secrets from Hotel Cortez and its tenants will continue to unravel in episode 4, titled “Devil’s Night.”

Wednesday’s upcoming episode is a Halloween-themed installment set on Oct. 30. The night before Halloween is typically called “Devil’s Night,” and is associated with mischief and pranks. However, based on the season of “American Horror Story” so far, we can’t imagine the Hotel Cortez residents engaging in any egging or toilet papering trees.

According to the synopsis, Detective John Lowe (Wes Bentley) will get invited to a “Devil’s Night Soiree.” But this isn’t any old Halloween party. The guests are famous -- and deadly. As series co-creator Ryan Murphy previously revealed, John will be dining with some of “the biggest serial killers of all time.” Those serial killers include Hotel Cortez's very own James March (Evan Peters), along with real-life criminals Aileen Wurnos (Lily Rabe) and John Wayne Gacy (John Carroll Lynch).

Meanwhile, Alex Lowe (Chloë Sevigny) will be trying to “diagnose Holden’s odd condition.” Viewers will remember that Alex found her missing son at Hotel Cortez during episode 3. While Holden previously ran away from John, he allowed his mother to approach him -- he even spoke to her.

AHS Hotel Episode 4 Alex Lowe (Chloë Sevigny) will try to figure out what's wrong with her son in episode 4 of "American Horror Story: Hotel." Photo: FX

But does this mean that Alex took Holden home? Or is he still living in his glass coffin at the hotel? “American Horror Story” fans will have to wait and see.

Episode 4 of “American Horror Story: Hotel” airs on FX Wednesday, Oct. 28 at 10 p.m. ET. Follow @AmandaTVScoop for more news on Season 5.