“American Horror Story” added another Emmy winner to its second season. “Modern Family” star Eric Stonestreet will be returning for another frightening season when the mini-series returns to FX in October.

During Sunday’s Emmy red carpet, “American Horror Story” creator Ryan Murphy revealed some delicious new scoop to TVLine. Eric Stonestreet, who previously guest-starred in season one, will be making a comeback in season two, “Asylum.”

According to Murphy, Stonestreet will play the opposite of his role in season one. Fans of the series will remember that Stonestreet guest starred as Derek, a psych patient of Dr. Ben Harmon’s in an episode titled, “Piggy Piggy.” The episode introduced the “Piggy Man” urban legend, a story of a Chicago pig butcher who in 1893 used to wear a pig mask to slaughter the pigs. One day an accident occurred, and the pigs he once slaughtered end up tearing him and the pig butchers customers apart. 

Derek was terrified of the “Piggy Man” story and other urban legends like it. With the help of Dr. Harmon, Derek goes home to face his fears of the “Piggy Man” by going in front of the mirror in his bathroom and saying three times, “Here piggy, piggy, piggy.” Derek ended up dying, but not because of the Piggy Man. Instead, Derek was murdered by a burglar who was hiding in his shower and became offended by the pig remarks.

As for what role Stonestreet will be tackling this season, Ryan Murphy didn’t reveal too much to TVLine besides the fact that he will be a killer this time around. Murphy also teased that fans can expect a “really good scene with him and Sarah Paulson.”

Before Murphy’s announcement of Eric Stonestreet’s return, it was previously speculated that the actor or his old storyline would somehow be included in season two.  The seventh video in “American Horror Story’s” viral buzz campaign on Facebook featured something that looked very familiar to pig parts. “Be careful what you pass along,” stated the caption for the 15 second video. The video showed a group of people, all reaching their hands out towards something. Eventually some of the hands come into possession of a metal bucket with mysterious contents and pass it along in a similar manner to crowd surfing. Fans took to the comments section below the Facebook video to voice their opinions about the latest clip and what might possibly be inside that metal bucket. Chicken, King Kong’s molar, something once human and pig parts were all suggested for the contents of the bucket. 

Although “Asylum” promised to bring a whole new tale to life, the pig parts could be hinting at a spin off of the “Piggy Man” urban legend.

"American Horror Story" returns to FX for its second season on Wednesday, Oct. 17.

Do you think “American Horror Story” will be bringing back the “Piggy Man” story line this season?