WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD. Don't continue reading if you haven't watched episode 7 of "American Horror Story: Coven."

“American Horror Story: Coven” continued to bring shocking, chilling and straight-up disturbing drama in episode 7, “The Dead.” The action-packed episode includes a murder, betrayal and the introduction of the hyped love triangle. We’re breaking down the top 9 most-disturbing scenes:

1. Kyle’s Hopes And Dreams (And Limbs)

In a flashback “American Horror Story” viewers got to see Kyle in his old life before he met Zoe at the frat party. At a tattoo parlor with some of his fraternity brothers, Kyle’s getting pressured to get inked, but he’s not caving. First claiming that his mom would kill him (to which one of his brothers replied -- “I’ll totally bang her to take her mind off of it” … AWKWARD!) -- Kyle then explained that he wants to be an engineer and help New Orleans so that nothing like the damage from Hurricane Katrina ever happens again. Looking at a Chinese symbol on the leg of his one friend and a “Luck of the Irish” tattoo on the arm of his other buddy, Kyle tells them that he wants to look like a knight in shining armor when he meets the mayor one day and doesn’t want a stupid tattoo when he does. Cutting to modern day, the cameras reveal that Kyle now has stupid tattoos … thanks to having the limbs of his dead friends.

2. Hank Bidding His Time

Last week, Cordelia discovered that Hank had an affair and kicked him out of the house. But what she didn’t realize is that he’s also a witch hunter and working with Marie Laveau to wipe out the Coven.

While “American Horror Story” fans were looking to another confrontation, they’ll have to wait a little longer. In episode 7, a very drunk Hank calls his wife, Cordelia, and says, “I miss you baby, I want to come home.” But Cordelia wasn’t buying it and hangs up on him. Hank tells the dead line -- “I’ll see you soon, baby” -- as he sits surrounded by guns and ammunition.

3. Cordelia Learns The Truth

Unsteady since losing her vision, Cordelia’s about to fall down the stairs when she’s saved by Madison. Shocked to find the young witch back in the house, Cordelia touches Madison’s arm and discovers what happened to her -- that Fiona cut her throat.  

Pulling Zoe aside, Cordelia begins to hatch a plan to fix their Fiona situation.

“You are one hot sh--t witch,” she said to Zoe, explaining that the magic she’s using is making a bull's eye on her back. Cordelia confesses that she doesn’t know if Zoe is the next Supreme, but she’s bound to get killed by Fiona if there's even a small chance. “Fiona is fading, growing weaker, which only makes her more dangerous,” Cordelia continued. “A wounded animal will rip you apart if she’s cornered.”

So what’s the game plan? “Were going to kill my mother,” she tells Zoe. “Kill her once. Kill her good. Kill her dead.”

4. An Interesting Bond

As Zoe meets with Cordelia, Madison and Kyle are bonding over their deaths. “You were dead, so was I,” Madison tells a nervous Kyle. “I didn’t see a light. Did you? Mine was cold and dark and nothing. And we both came back to this. Somehow it feels more empty here.

“You know exactly how I feel,” she continued. “You were wondering if it was worth the trouble. And I’ve been wondering the same thing.”

The pair hug it out as the heat rises, and Zoe walks in to find Madison and Kyle having an aggressive romp against the wardrobe.

5. The Daughter The Axeman Never Had After meeting the Axeman in the bar, Fiona went home with him (or more like the home he acquired after killing someone). Despite having some doubts about sleeping with him, Fiona eventually caved and spent the night. The next morning she found the dead body of the real owner of the apartment in the bathroom tub and tried to make an escape.

But the Axeman told Fiona that she had nothing to fear because there's nothing that he doesn’t know about her.

“I’ve been watching over you since you were 8-years-old,” he explained as a flashback shows some odd occurrences protecting a young Fiona from bullies in the Academy. “Who are you? What are you?” she asks.

“First I saw you as a daughter I never had,” he continued. “Learned to protect my little flower. As you grew I began to see the fire in your belly and the steel running down your back -- Most fearsome thing that ever lived. And while others only saw the ruthless manipulator, I saw so much, much more. And my feelings became complicated. And I fell in love. Not like a father, like a man.” First kissing him, Fiona then slaps him and tells him to keep his distance and haunt someone else’s life … but in the end Fiona met him at the bar again that night.

6. Tongue-Tied

What happened to Spalding after the girls tortured him about Madison? They tied him to his bed.

After meeting with Cordelia, Zoe pays a visit to Spalding to get the truth out of him and does it by using a little magic. Although getting the truth out of him is tricky since he has no tongue, Zoe found his chopped off tongue in the secret compartment in her closet. “It was wet,” she tells him. “Alive.” Turns out that the tongue stayed enchanted by Myrtle, even after Spalding chopped it off. Myrtle kept the tongue in the hopes of one day putting it back in his mouth and getting the truth, which is exactly what Zoe did. “What do you want from me?” Spalding demands. “The truth,” Zoe tells him.

Asking who killed Madison, Spalding repeatedly moans the name “Fiona.” But when he calls Fiona “our Supreme,” Madison corrects him, telling him that he’s only the help. “My family served the Coven for 10 generations,” Spalding explained. “I devoted my life to it.”

Zoe’s over Spalding. “Not anymore,” she tells him, before stabbing him in the heart. “You’re done talking.”

7. The Worst Thing Madame LaLaurie Has Ever Done

Madame LaLaurie makes Queenie doubt whether the Coven is the right place for her and pays a visit to Marie Laveau. The Voodoo Queen tells her that she’s shocked it took her this long to come to her, saying: “Voodoo doll belong in the House of Voodoo.”

“You mix your witch with our voodoo and even a supreme wouldn’t be able to touch you,” Marie says, trying to lure Queenie to her. What’s the price of admission to the House of Voodoo? Madame LaLaurie.

Uncertain if she can hand LaLaurie over to Marie, the Voodoo Queen tells Queenie to ask LaLaurie about the worst crime she has committed.

Returning to the Coven, Queenie gets LaLaurie to open up, saying that she thinks that they can be friends. LaLaurie admits that she may have “one slight regret,” and tells the story of how one of her servants gave birth to a baby boy that was fathered by her cheating husband. Tricking the servant into thinking she received a promotion from kitchen staff to handmaiden, LaLaurie made her watch as she applied her nightly facial serum.

Making the woman guess that the serum was made with blood, she told her that the batch was extra special because it “came from a boy newly born.” The next morning the servant threw herself off the balcony, cracking her head open on the pavement.

Queenie's horrified by the story, and LaLaurie tells her that she did the right thing by burying the woman with her baby. But that doesn’t make the situation any better. “I’m learning, Queenie,” LaLaurie tries to explain. “You must understand … it wasn’t only a different time, it was a different world. I’m grateful to have someone, a true friend to guide me.”

8. A Love Triangle Emerges

In the shower washing Spalding’s blood off herself, Zoe’s interrupted by Madison who asks if she’s upset about walking in on her and Kyle.

“You brought the dude back from the dead,” Madison tells her. “You must like him a little.” Not giving in to Madison’s pestering, Zoe explains that she doesn’t care because “it’s not like we can be together.” But Madison disagrees. “It’ll take more than just that thing between your legs to kill him,” she says. However Madison’s not giving Kyle up because it’s the only time she felt anything since coming back to life.

Telling Zoe to follow her, she leads a towel clad Zoe into the bedroom where Kyle sits on the bed. Sitting down next to him, the previously dead teens reach for Zoe and she drops her towel and joins them on the bed.

9. A Betrayal

Queenie realizes that Marie Laveau was right about LaLaurie, and brings her friend to Cornrow City under the pretense of a new hairdo. Needless to say, LaLaurie is shocked when Laveau reveals herself. “Welcome back,” she says to LaLaurie. “It’s been such a long time.” “No, you don’t know this woman,” LaLaurie begs Queenie. “It’s the reason I brought you here you dumb b--tch,” Queenie responds, as LaLaurie gets locked in a cage.

“The Dead” ends with Queenie making the first cut into LaLaurie, and Laveau using her blood to make one of LaLaurie’s famous youth serums.

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