WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD! DON'T continue reading if you haven't watched the midseason finale of “American Horror Story: Coven.”

“American Horror Story: Coven” has been full of many twists and turns … and the midseason finale on Wednesday, Dec. 11 was no different. In the midst of all the bloodshed and big reveals, fans have been left with a serious question -- Who's dead?!

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The FX series has said goodbye to a slew of main characters throughout the past 10 episodes of “Coven”: Misty Day, Madison, Myrtle, Spalding, Joan and Kyle. But as soon as viewers process their departure from the series they end up being brought back to life in some form or another thanks to Misty’s magic or the power of the Academy walls.

Fans were warned about the impending deaths of multiple characters (two being main characters) in the midseason finale, but few took the warning seriously after the previous resurrections. However, after watching episode 9, “Head,” it appears as if some of these characters may be gone for good.

So, who died? We’re breaking down which characters may return … and which ones will remain dead.


Is Queenie really dead?! During episode 9 Queenie was shot in the gut by Hank when he busted into Cornrow City to take out the Voodoo tribe. Seriously injured from the shot, Queenie wasn’t working her human voodoo doll magic to inflict the same pain upon Hank. But Queenie managed to crawl over to a gun before Hank was able to put a bullet through Marie Laveau. As the witch hunter prepared to pull the trigger on Marie Laveau, Queenie took the gun and put it inside her mouth -- blowing out not only her brain, but also Hank’s brain.

Viewers definitely saw brain matter go flying, which would lead one to believe that Queenie is gone for good; but she was using her human voodoo power when she pulled the trigger. In the past, she’s inflicted serious pain upon herself and was fine ... but this time seems different.

One theory is that Queenie is somewhat similar to a zombie -- meaning that if you hit the brain she's dead. Unfortunately, “American Horror Story” co-creator Ryan Murphy won’t confirm or deny her death.

“Everyone wants to know that and I’m not saying but we do talk about what happens to her body in episode 10 so keep watching,” Murphy teased Entertainment Weekly following the midseason finale.

And while Ryan Murphy is keeping mum on the subject, he did preview the last four episodes of the season and promised that viewers can look forward to the answer of: “What’s going to happen to the friendship between Queenie and LaLaurie?”

Pembroke And Quentin


One of the most creative kills of the night goes to Myrtle for the murder of Pembroke and Quentin. Paralyzing her former Coven Council leaders, Myrtle proceeded to remove an eyeball (with a melon baller) from each of them … before chopping up their bodies and throwing the severed parts into acid.

Myrtle used their eyeballs to gift Cordelia with her vision but has kept her “generous donors” a secret -- and it will more than likely stay a secret because Cordelia lost her visions power.

Since both Pembroke and Quentin’s bodies appear to be completely disintegrated, we’d have to say that they have no chance of being brought back to life by Misty Day.



Luke was smothered with a pillow by his mother after waking from a coma and accusing her of killing his father. Odds are high that Nan and the other witches will discover Joan’s actions and seek revenge. But our theory is that Luke will stay dead … and his mom will likely join him soon.



Is Hank going to come back from the dead? It’s highly doubtful, but we have a couple different theories. One would be to see him come back as a ghost and visit Cordelia. The second theory is that the witches will revive Hank and torture information out of him on the witch hunters.

Thanks to Queenie, Hank had his head blown off before he was able to kill Marie Laveau. His death will end up uniting the Voodoo witches with the Salem witches, but the only problem is that they’ll be forced to fight their biggest enemy yet -- “The Corporation.”

Only four episodes of “American Horror Story: Coven” remain. The next episode, “The Magical Charms of Stevie Nicks,” airs on FX on Wednesday, Jan. 8 at 10 p.m. EST.

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